Final Project-[SCAS]

Introduction of SCAS
Spastic Children Association of Singapore(SCAS) is an organization, which specially set up for persons with cerebral palsy. Staffs in SCAS provide professional and high quality services to their clients to help them realize their full potential and brighten up their life. There are total two centre,Rehabilitation Centre and Day Activity Centre(DAC), under SCAS which provide various service like day care for persons who is 18 years old or above with Cerebral Palsy and some medical services.
Evaluation of the Website
The structure of the whole website is neat and simple, so it is easy to navigate for the visitors. The presence of the website is great as when I do research on google by typed in “SCAS”, the official website of SCAS appeared as the first result on the first page. The layout and colour of the website is clean and fresh, which I think is good as it will not confuse the visitors and let them focus on the main purpose of this website. In the home page of the site, there is also a corner where  a explanation of what is Cerebral Palsy was been placed. It is important for the visitor to see that, as it is the theme of the whole website, and there is a need for people to first understand the situation before they give out their hands for the help.
Usefulness of the Website
The website provides general information about themselves like their contact number and the exact location of the center. This provide convenience  for the visitor when they are willing to provide their help and want to contact with the SCAS people. The website also provide information of their difference services to different clients, so that the visitor may get a further understanding about SCAS. It also provide a place for those people who always want to give their help but do not know how to start. However, the website is not up-to-date, all the newsletter and upcoming events are all in 2010, and there is no information been uploaded in 2011 yet.
Target Audience
The target audience for this website will be those people who always want to provide their help but do not know how to start or the family and friends of the people who have Cerebral Palsy. The age range will be 15 to 35, as this group of people use frequently, so they might find this website easily, and they will be more suitable as a volunteer.
Simliar Organization

The organization I found which similar to SCAS is Save the Children(STC). This is a organization which provides help to the children in United State and around the whole world who suffer poverty, hunger, illiteracy,disease and different kinds of problems that they faced in their life by visit and sponsor them.
What is the Website provide?
The website provides general information of what they are doing, their aim and all kinds of contact method of themselves. Provide success stories for the visitor to believe and understand about what they are doing. There is a section name “What We Do” to provide various ways for the visitor or sponsor to approach their help to the children, so that the visitor can make a choice amount all these methods.


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NMT Literature Review


Brief summary of this article:

This article is about how Eddie Mullon establishes Fashion GPS, which uses technology to showcase not just fashion apparels but also host events and keep track of their clothing samples.


Reason for reviewing this article:

The reason why I will choose this article is because everything about fashion interests me. I love fashion; I would like to know as much knowledge as I can with regards to fashion apparels. This article allows me to realize that there are other ways to present fashion.


3 key findings in this article that I found:

First finding is that although Eddie Mullon looks ill mannered on the outside, however, its because of his behavior which motivates him to create Fashion GPS. This shows that we should not judge a book by its cover.

Second finding is that Eddie Mullon is very hardworking and adamant. He was willing to go to other people’s door step to promote his work and get companies to support him. This is a very commendable spirit of him.

Last finding is that Eddie Mullon was very adventurous and passionate about his interest, he will not be bounded by a job which gives him high pay . Before he started Fashion GPS, he worked as a head of an interactive media department and later decided to leave this company to open his own design firm.



Research on related topic:

The GPS system is a radio navigation system which is based on US military. It provides reliable positioning, navigation, and timing services to the public users. As long as you have a GPS receiver,  the system will tell you the time and location. The GPS can work on all kinds of weather condition, anytime of the day to infinite people.


Fashion GPS’ impact on society:

This application has definitely created a new way of marketing clothing in the fashion industry. As more firms will start to learn from this application. For example, firms that might specialize in loaning dresses to customers will be able to track the location of the clothing. It will also inspire more small companies to open online fashion shops to promote their product to other countries.

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